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Long Weekend

Confession: I slept all day today, and am just now getting up this evening. And in a few hours, I’ll be going back to bed. With good reason of course–my head is throbbing and overstuffed with gunk, my voice is … Continue reading

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Back From Blogvacation

Hi. Remember me? Well, it was the holiday season, so I kind of took a break from blogging from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Why? I’m not quite sure. I could cite the business of the season, parenthood, school, exhaustion, or … Continue reading

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Sons, Sailboats & Stories

I seem to be in this alternating pattern of posting assignments for my freshmen and pictures of Grady. One might speculate that these two occupations take up most of my waking (and some non-waking) hours these days. Speculation correct. What … Continue reading

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Of Mice, Men, Scottish Poets, Doctors, and Switchfoot

My apologies for the long delay in updating the good ol’ blog–please bear with me as I learn to divide my time between family, school, and the blogosphere… For my freshmen, I finally updated the English One Page to include … Continue reading

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