First Seminary Paper — 6 Comments

  1. Great first paragraph. I found that the hardest papers to write were those in which no sources were required. I was always great at summarizing and analyzing the thoughts of others. Much harder to get a rope around my own thoughts (to add a Texas expression to your now-northeastern blog).

  2. Hi Trait!
    Hi Neal! You remember your mom is on the stream feed (to see the grandkids:-) I don’t think you ever saw mashed potatoes floating in your vegetable soup. Perspectives. Difference in doing and receiving. I didn’t see “‘Christian’education'” in the assignment.

    I saw “key elements, components, people, events that have contributed, formation..” Brings to mind: concepts: wanted, loved; actions: sung to, held, listened to, adoption wanted unconditional love, people: parents, grandparents, teachers, youth leaders, friends, college professors and friends. The soup was good! with some french bread.

    BTW I received your feed 3 times. ???

  3. Hi Mom! Not sure why you got the feed three times. Let me know if that happens again.

    Yeah, I know I’m exaggerating a little to make a point. I also know we didn’t have the stew *every* week. The words “Christian Education” aren’t exactly in the assignment, although it does say education and formation “as a Christian,” which I take (rightly or wrongly) to mean the same thing. I like your suggestions about adoption and unconditional love — it has some spiritual overtones 😉 And yes, the soup was good, but I liked it best with crackers and butter (rather than the french bread).

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. I liked it. Especially, given my knowledge of family. . . . My only input that came to mind was purely stylistic, but I was travelling so couldn’t easily convey it. You’re probably better off without it anyway, as I break the rules because I can. . . .

  5. Family blog! Neal, you’re dynamite and you are going to blow them away! Remember that time when we had pancake, pizza, taco stew 😀

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