Folk Song #1: Why Can’t You Be Like Me?

I said a month ago that I’d start posting some of the songs I’ve been writing, so I’m finally getting around to it. This isn’t the first one I wrote, but it’s one of my favorites so far.

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Song Lyrics

And just to pre-empt unwanted comments:

  • Yes, it’s sarcastic.
  • Yes, you’re supposed to be a little offended (or perhaps a lot).
  • It’s folk: It’s supposed to sound unpolished.
  • It’s folk: You can copy it, share it, change it, re-mix it, mash it, sell it, whatever.

More to come soon…


Folk Song #1: Why Can’t You Be Like Me? — 6 Comments

  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to say i really like the song.
    and I was wondering, Do you remember that sonnet you showed us in class 2 year ago, haha I know, its hard to remember but maybe haha. I just remember one line from it. It was something like this:
    “and brought me to my eden once again”
    I dont remember anymore haha. But maybe if you remember, can you send it to me? please! I really liked it. Thanks.

  2. Dug the song! And it’s especially apt in this age of immigration debate, a.k.a. politically correct discrimination. Oops. Did I say that out loud?
    I hope you. Amy, and Grady are well!

  3. Ayleen: I remember the sonnet you’re talking about — I’ll look for it, but keep reminding me in case I forget. Good to hear from you again, too.

    Ginger: If you’re into immigration reform, just wait ’till you hear the next song. I’ll try to post it sometime today…

  4. Seriously though, I really like the song. You make me proud. I’m gonna show all my co-workers my big brother’s song.

  5. I like this one A LOT. By the way, the link to the lyrics is dead on this song and on #2.

    I have a Mac, so when I clicked on the file to play, it opened up in iTunes showing no album title and no artist name. I filled in your name, but had no album title. So I made one up because I’m anal retentive enough to want everything in my iTunes to have an album title. Anyway, I titled it “Locke In”, ’cause you’re a youth minister and all. If you have another title in mind, let me know and I’ll change it in iTunes.

    By the way, I also looked through your site pics for suitable album art (that whole anal retentive thing, again). I chose Collections » Family » Various » 9-10-05_050.jpg, ’cause (this news just in from the Department of Redundancy Department) you’re a youth minister and all. I think that’s a cover that’ll sell some CDs.

    Congrats on Locke 2.0!

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