Happy Birthday, My Super-Hero-Warrior-Son

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So we did the Chuck-E-Cheese thing. Not my favorite (noise, chaos, junk food), but at least we didn’t have to clean up, and Grady (of course) loved all of it. More pictures are here. Among his favorite two presents were:

  1. A set of foam swords and shields I picked out for him. Yeah. Daddy and Grady both Like.
  2. A reversible Super-Hero cape Amy’s mom made for him (I had one of those when I was his age, too!)
  3. Two plastic action figures, Superman and Batman, who were overheard having the following conversation in the car-seat yesterday afternoon…

BATMAN: Let me go! I want to go back to my mother and father…they take care of me!

SUPERMAN: Not until you give me money.

BATMAN: But I don’t have any money.

SUPERMAN: Oh. Well, we can get money from Robin Hood. He takes it from the rich.

A few minutes later…

BATMAN (to some invisible foe): Stop bending my ears! That makes me angry. Stop that, or I’ll call Superman! (pause). Superman? Somebody is bending my ears.

SUPERMAN: Oh yeah? I’m coming right up.

Still later…

SUPERMAN: You’re funny, batman. You can turn your head around backwards. I can’t do that. (thinks for awhile) It’s tricky…but I can do this: (bends legs around backwards).

BATMAN: That’s pretty cool, Superman. Will you teach me how to do that?


Happy Birthday, My Super-Hero-Warrior-Son — 3 Comments

  1. That first exchange between Batman and Superman held an echo of the angel and Jacob at the Jabbok Stream, don’t ya think?

    ANGEL: “Let me go, the sun’s coming up.”

    JACOB: “Not til you bless me.”

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