My New Favorite Toy — 6 Comments

  1. it’s pretty! can’t wait to hear it. i almost bought a guild 12 string in college for almost nothing, but the deal fell through. you’re right, there’s nothing like the sound of 12 strings.

    PS i’d really like to hear “our song” played on it!

  2. DUDE it is about time! Isn’t it so nice to have a good guitar?! And “Our Song”? Heck yeah! It is scary to think of the instruments we played all those old songs on. They probably sound WAY better on this stuff.

    Ah, the good old songs!

  3. After I saw John F.’s comment, I instantly got the guitar out and started playing “Our Song.” After all these years, I could hardly believe it, but I remembered all the words.

    You know, it was a pretty decent song. Even had harmonica in it, too, for a kind of “folk” vibe.

    Hmmmm….maybe we need to have an “Early Days of Unkown Soldier” reunion…

    Wow. That makes us sound ancient.

  4. You know what is scary? I have a recording of that song. Remember, we “recorded” it at St. Mark’s? It’ll cost you money. But you will probably want to burn it when you hear it.

  5. Actually, I think I have an even earlier “recording” of that one — at Andy Moye’s house (remember that?)!

    And I have the version of “Running to Stand Still” where you imitate a harmonica with your voice: “Wheeeeaaarrroooooooo…”

    Good times…good times.

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