Open Source Irish-Mexican Deer Chili

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I can now officially call my chili “award winning.” Of course, the institution conferring these credentials happens to also be my employer, so perhaps they’re a little biased. Out of about 30 entries at our Second Annual Faithbridge Chili Cook-Off last Sunday, my chili won the award for “hottest Chili.” Not exactly the best all-around category, but I’ll take it. Anyhow, it was:

  • Open Source – I’m more than happy to share the recipe with anyone on request (assuming I can remember it–it was a bit improvised!).
  • Irish – No water was used in the cooking of this Chili–only Guinness beer.
  • Mexican – I used Serrano peppers in honor of one of my favorite former students.
  • Deer – Yes, it’s Venison. I like to hunt, and I believe in the ecological principle, “if you kill it, you grill it.”
  • Chili – And all the other stuff, plus lots of chili powder.

My Texas-born-and-bred wife and son dressed for the part too. I’m a Texas import. I just brought the chili…


Open Source Irish-Mexican Deer Chili — 4 Comments

  1. Hey thats cool I think your refering to me in that peppers part. Well take care ttyl!

  2. Yep, that’s right, Victor “I know lots of stuff” Serrano–I was referring to you. I was in the grocery store when I saw some Serrano peppers: I confess I don’t know much about different types of peppers, but I said to myself, “Victor Serrano made a great student, so maybe Serrano peppers will make great chili!”

  3. Ok, fair enough. I’m going to designate the comment trail of this blog entry as a public forum. Here is the source code (as best I remember it):

    -Use Guiness beer to cook a bag or so of kidney beans
    -Brown a couple pounds of Venison. Add Guiness from time to time.
    -Chop a few onions (some red, some yellow) and add to the venison
    -Chop Serrano peppers and add to the venison
    -Chop up a whole ton of tomatoes,
    -Boil them (in more Guiness) for awhile in a very large pot.
    -Add the Venison, onions, peppers, and kidney beans to the pot.
    -Add a bit more Guiness.
    -Add large quantities of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, paprika, chili powder, Texas Habanero heat sauce, pepper, and a little bit of cumin.
    -Stir until it gets thick.
    -Serve with chopped white onions, sour cream, and fritos.

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