Preaching and Presenting — 7 Comments

  1. If I remember correctly, Moses got into trouble for striking the rock. I think God commanded him to speak to it and he hit it out of anger for some reason. I may be getting my myths confused, but thats just what came to mind when you referred to this story.

  2. It doesn’t go so far as to suggest Moses’ motive for disobeying God’s instructions, but Joey is right.

  3. Hey, you should talk about civil disobedience or just plain disregard for copyright laws at your workshop.

  4. and maybe bring in the resent controversy (or lack there of) of Barack Obama using Gov. Deval Patrick’s speech

  5. My dear brothers — I love you both, but you’re wrong on this one. Check the verse again. It’s later on when Moses tries to duplicate the feat on his own that God gets angry. This time he is obeying God when he strikes the rock.

    Thanks, Jeff for the Obama plagiarism idea — I think I will bring that one up. BTW, I don’t think what he did was bad. Still don’t know if I’ll vote for him or not, but I proudly support his right to borrow!

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