RSS and Website Woes

I’ve been having serious website issues in the past two weeks, and I noticed my feed subscriptions via feedburner dropped by about 30%.  While I could be cynical and attribute it to my last post about John McCain, I suspect it actually has more to do with what looks like a broken rss feed.

So if you subscribe to this in a feedreader, or if you get it via email — could you do me a really huge favor and drop me a quick email/comment/tweet/message to let me know that the feed is still coming through? I promise this isn’t a desperate gimmick to get coveted blog feedback (although it does sound like something I’d do, huh?).  I just want to know if the interweb tubes are still flowing.

Oh, one more thing.  To speed things up with my hosting service, I had to enable caching for my blog — anyone know how to do a complete, cache-clearing reload/refresh of a page in Firefox?  I can’t seem to get it to work, and I’ve tried CTRL+R, as well as the refresh button.


RSS and Website Woes — 5 Comments

  1. I’m still getting the feed via NetNewsWire and NewsGator, although this post took a couple days to come through. However, the more recent post came through right away…

  2. The feed is working fine for me, but as for reloading the blog while it is using a cache or supercache plugin, I have to go into my blog’s innards and clear out the cache there. It is the only thing that works since the cache is stored in your blog host and not in your computer.

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