The People vs. George Milton

I hereby call to order the trial of the People of the State of California vs. George Milton for the alleged murder of Lennie Small. The accused pleads innocent on account of “I hadda do it. I just had to.”

The Honorable Judge Locke is now presiding. You are either on the prosecution team or the defense team (choose one). You must call at least one witness to the witness stand and question him or her to make your case. Your witness can only respond to your question(s) using quotes from the novel.

Good Luck. The court will now hear your arguments…


The People vs. George Milton — 3 Comments

  1. George is innocent, because his friend lennie was going to die anyway. George wanted to make sure Lennie didn’t suffer and died peasefully. George just desided to stand up and do what may have been the best way but was still considered murder.

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