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Giving Jesus the Tacos

This time it’s not about me. It’s all about Jesus. To be specific, Jesus Gauna Trejo, who lives in Cadereyta, Nuevo León, México and sells Tacos to support his his three kids (he’s a single Dad). He needs money to … Continue reading

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Homeland Insecurities

Two news stories caught my attention today: It appears that a British citizen of Arabic descent (who also happens to be a member of Parliament) was detained at Dulles Airport and actually had his luggage checked for explosives. The irony … Continue reading

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Woody Guthrie & Immigration

It’s great to see that Woody’s spirit and songs live on in the raging debate over illegal immigration: NPR Story on Immigrant Folk Songs (thanks, Jeff!) I hope America is listening to the voices of her newest adopted children.

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Folk Song#2: Golden Door

This song is the first I wrote in my “folk series” — the one that started everything off, and it is, not suprisingly, the topic about which I am the most passionate. I have to give credit where it’s due, … Continue reading

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Farmers Branch Sucks.

Well, not all of them. Just 68%.

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