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My First Sermon

This past weekend the pastor of our church was out of town on a mission trip with some members of our congregation. As a full-time staff member, one of my non-youth related job duties is to fill in when he’s … Continue reading

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Much Anticipated Pictures

Ok. I found the cord, so here are SOME of the pictures. I posted more on (which I’m starting to dislike because of their ads). I checked out (friend Annie recommends) but don’t like their MB limitations. But … Continue reading

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Technology Issues

I haven’t forgotten to post Grady’s birthday pictures–I just can’t find the !@#!@ cord that connects my digital camera to the computer. So much for all my little gadgets…

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Grady’s New Words

With Grady’s first birthday rapidly approaching (party tomorrow and actual birthday Sunday), Amy and I were trying to tally up his quickly growing vocabulary, as well as some of the quirkier things he’s been doing lately. I already posted the … Continue reading

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S.O.C.!!! (Save Our Comments)

This is mostly for the old-school bloggers. Dillema–in case you haven’t noticed (and if you haven’t, just click “comment” and read the banner at the top of the pop-up box) our comment host, Blogback, is going out of business in … Continue reading

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