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Collaborative Sermon, Anyone?

One of the many hats I wear at our church is that of back-up preacher when our pastor is gone. I will be resuming the role and preaching my fourth sermon (or is it the 5th? I lose count) on … Continue reading

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Share the Wealth

Yesterday, I ran accross an old favorite of mine again on Wikipedia: I have to admit, though Huey Long is a controversial figure, and on some issues (racial equality, for one) he disappoints, I am still fascinated by some of … Continue reading

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Space Academy (an abandoned novel)

For the first time in several months I was able to make it to my writer’s group tonight, and was thus inspired to dust off an old project. I began writing Space Academy almost four years ago — taking some … Continue reading

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Several Updates

I can feel myself slipping into my neglected-blog phase again, so this is a compilation of several things I’ve been meaning to post but haven’t had the chance to: For relatives who’ve been asking (or generous wealthy people randomly wandering … Continue reading

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