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Now Taking Requests…

Ok. Teacher talent show rapidly approaching. Next Friday. Notice creative use of frags. Only acceptable after you know the rule. Anyhow, hopefully this time they won’t make me start playing before everyone gets to the auditorium. My tradition in past … Continue reading

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Locke Epic: Part II (prose summary)

Unfortunately, the manuscript for the second half of the epic referenced in the previous post has never been discovered, although rumour holds it to have been damaged beyond recognition in a great fire sometime during the 14th Century, much like … Continue reading

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Locke Epic: Part I

So. Thus starts my sky-journey, Early boarding onto this bird of steel. No morning sleep for Mr. Locke! Cramped seating and cold cushions Are little comfort. Leaving ground-friends And beautiful, baby-filled wife sadly behind, Like book legends–Beowulf and Odysseus– I … Continue reading

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Lesson in Humility

Sometimes I get to thinking I’m pretty darned special. Or original. Or clever. Or ahead of the curve. Or… Nope. I remember coming out of high school, I had built a small following of fans for my music–I often dreamed … Continue reading

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Stupid Yard & Square Trees

I drove up to my house this afternoon and instantly noticed all three of my neighbors (on both sides and accross the street) were mowing their yards. Mine, as always, was a jungle. I caved to the peer pressure and … Continue reading

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Drum Roll, Please…

Thanks for waiting so patiently, folks. After we left the doctor’s office, we went to lunch, called our parents, then went to Babies ‘R Us and spent three hours registering for all sorts of baby stuff. Finally, we went to … Continue reading

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Today is the day of reckoning. It’s 12:29; Amy and I are sitting in the waiting room of her doctor’s office. In a few minutes we will go in and I’ll get to see for the first time a picture … Continue reading

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