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Round One…ding, ding, ding!

Hey kiddoes…wana see your English teacher get in a huge debate with someone just as smart (or more likely, smarter) than he is? It could get ugly, but read this entry in my blog first, then read hers, and you … Continue reading

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Live, from Cinemark Theatres…

I’m sitting in the movie theater waiting for “Cold Mountain” to start. I’m such a nerd–but I love that with my wireless keyboard connected to my Palm Pilot (which is connected via bluetooth to my cellular phone, which connects me … Continue reading

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To all the “Disenchanted Deaniacs”

This is a blog long overdue. I meant to write it last week, after Howard Dean announced his withdrawal from the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. In years past, I have considered myself to be a “professional-amateur political hack,” … Continue reading

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Homeland Security Advisory

I just found this, and it’s hilarious. Whether your politics lean to the left or to the right, we could all use more muppets in our lives…

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She Was a Teenaged Blogger

OK, Bloggies: I made a post about this article before, and it’s still not my favorite, but I’m re-posting it because I want you to read it. If nothing else, so you can see the potential power of your ideas, … Continue reading

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Now Accepting Nominations

Amy had her second visit to the doctor today, and during the ultrasound, apparently our little peanut waved at her. I’m jealous, of course. Well, at least I know for sure now that our child has at least one arm. … Continue reading

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A depressing thought

I went to my writer’s group tonight. Emptyhanded. As others read their latest masterpieces (R.R. wrote an amazing short w/dialect), my lack of new material gave me the sensation of some long term goals slipping, slipping into the hazy quagmire … Continue reading

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