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Bloggie from Baghdad

Hey bloggies (and bloggers), for those of you just getting started in this world of blogging, you’re not alone. A friend of mine passed on this link to me–it’s a 16 year-old kid from Iraq who just started his own … Continue reading

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Long Weekend

Confession: I slept all day today, and am just now getting up this evening. And in a few hours, I’ll be going back to bed. With good reason of course–my head is throbbing and overstuffed with gunk, my voice is … Continue reading

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Little Bo-Peep

Ok, I promised I would post some more pictures of Grady soon, but I think I can do even better than that: here’s a short video I shot of him just this past weekend, fawning over Little Bo-Peep. As I … Continue reading

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Daddy & Grady Day

Yesterday I didn’t have school, and Amy did–so Grady and I got to hang out. Just the boys. We played on the floor, I threw him around some (he really likes that) and he played in his little play console. … Continue reading

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The pilot light on our house’s heating unit picked a winner of a time to go out. And stubbornly refuse to be relighted. We had some one from the yellow pages out to look at it last night, but I … Continue reading

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They’re Here, They’re Here! (The Bloggies)

It’s spring (semester), and The Bloggies (new freshman bloggers) have arrived at last. Well, two of them, at least. I’m sure many more will follow. After all, the dislike of DJ’s seems rampant. Click on the links directly to the … Continue reading

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Back From Blogvacation

Hi. Remember me? Well, it was the holiday season, so I kind of took a break from blogging from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Why? I’m not quite sure. I could cite the business of the season, parenthood, school, exhaustion, or … Continue reading

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