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Long Stretch to the Finish

It’s Monday night. School’s tomorrow. Easter break is over. Spring break is a fading memory, and now it’s a long hard push to summer. I bet you thought students were the only ones to think that way… In other news, … Continue reading

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How Well Do You Know Your English Teacher?

Ok, so I borrowed this idea from Ivonee. Click on the link below, and take a quiz to see how well you know me. This one’s not for a grade, I promise–although the scores might be about the same–it’s just … Continue reading

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Call Me “Polyphemus”

Pinkeye sucks. I’m sitting here at my computer with a big patch over my right eye, which is mostly to keep me from touching it, rubbing it, and making things worse. Things look different with one eye, and I keep … Continue reading

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P-SAT Scores

Yep. They’re finally in. Thanks to Mrs. Grimes to emailing them to me in spreadsheet format, in turn emailed to her (I think) by Mrs. Parvin. I’ve already noticed all sorts of interesting trends and tidbits of fascinating data–if you … Continue reading

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