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WWII Films

Happy Thanksgiving! Now that the turkey-leftovers are growing cold, and the football games are over, it’s time to get started with Mr. Locke’s cruel, evil, Thanksgiving homework… Instead of posting topics for discussion on each separate film, let’s maybe focus … Continue reading

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November News and Notes

Academic Decathlon Invitational Competition has come and gone, and a pile of neglected work stares me in the face, saying “It’s my turn. You promised.” Sometimes I wish I could be a bad teacher–you know, the ones who arrive right … Continue reading

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Steinbeck’s Once There Was a War Part I: England

So we launch into a new six weeks (yes, I realize this is a bit late) and a new theme, as we follow Steinbeck to Europe for his non-fiction journalism during World War II. Two prominent themes become apparent in … Continue reading

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As the dust settles on yesterday’s elections, it seems that for the second time in two years, every single candidate I voted for lost. I even had to vote for some Libertarians just to avoid voting for the Repubs uncontested … Continue reading

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