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Grady-Daddy Camping Trip

1039100110211016 This past weekend, Grady and I left suburbia behind for our first-ever-Daddy-and-Grady-camping-trip. We both thought it was pretty cool. The original plan had been to camp at one of several campgrounds near one of the many lakes in the … Continue reading

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Folk Song #4: Poorest Man

This is the last (for now) in my series of recently-written songs, an attempt to take my style more intentionally in the direction of simplistic and socially-conscious folk music. I should mention that this particular song seems to get the … Continue reading

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Folk Song #3: Imperfect Love Song

When I was a hormonal teenager, love songs were pretty much all I wrote. When I look back on them now (or worse, listen to them) I’m struck by how grandiose (but shallow) they seem, and how I spoke of … Continue reading

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