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Giving Jesus the Bird

Last night as I was leaving (and locking up) the church, a man in a truck pulled up, and asked where the prayer meeting was. I said I didn’t know, but that we didn’t have anything scheduled in the building … Continue reading

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Thank You from Grady and Daddy

Ok, so at the end of January this is about a month overdue, but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who contributed to Grady’s Christmas present this year: Two XO Laptops from the One Laptop Per Child foundation … Continue reading

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Boob Jobs for Christians!

Ordinarily, I try pretty hard to avoid listening to Christian “talk radio” stations, for obvious reasons. But I must have been either bored or incredibly lost on the dial this afternoon, because I managed to stumble across 100.7 The Word … Continue reading

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Myself on Open Source Audio

I just uploaded all five of my “folk-songs” to Open Source Audio, a division of the Internet Archive. I love this project, and it’s a great place to find interesting songs, documentaries, short films, and audio recordings – all licensed … Continue reading

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AIDS Evangelism

The AIDS virus gets a pretty bad rap, and for good reason. It’s not something I would wish for a friend, or even an enemy for that matter. But maybe it is something I would wish for the church. According … Continue reading

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Naked Brutal Honesty

You may remember me ranting about a psychological evaluation I had to undergo a few weeks ago, as part of my journey to become an ordained Presbyterian minister. I still think the pre-meeting questions were insanely long and inquisition-like, but … Continue reading

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Abby @ One Month

This past Sunday, Abigail Ashley Locke passed the one-month mark. I thought that meant we could stop counting her age in weeks, but apparently I was wrong. We can start counting her age in months after she’s a year or … Continue reading

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