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Homeland Insecurities

Two news stories caught my attention today: It appears that a British citizen of Arabic descent (who also happens to be a member of Parliament) was detained at Dulles Airport and actually had his luggage checked for explosives. The irony … Continue reading

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Fat Church

Ok, so my last church metaphor ruffled a few feathers, for better or worse. This one is perhaps less controversial (maybe less original, too) but still worth thinking about. It starts with a familiar metaphor from the bible itself: The … Continue reading

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Oral Roberts University President Steps Down

Wow. My Alma Matter is in the news today: (thanks for the heads-up, Trait!) Oral Roberts University President Richard Roberts issued a written statement on Wednesday saying he is taking an indefinite leave of absence, following intense scrutiny spawned by … Continue reading

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4th Principle of Folk Music

Folk music means many different things to many different people. Awhile back, when I decided to focus my songwriting exclusively in this genre, I came up with three Principles of Folk Music. They’ve been helpful, but over the past few … Continue reading

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Is This Goodbye, Molly?

The past four weeks have been pretty lousy. So yesterday didn’t make things any better. I got home from my trip to Pittsburgh, and Molly — my three-legged pet box turtle for the past twelve years — had escaped. Ever … Continue reading

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New Look, New Theme: Guthrie 1.0

This new site design is, although still not quite finished, my first attempt at writing a wordpress theme. I’m calling it “Guthrie” after (duh, right?) Woody Guthrie. I hope that it lives up to its namesake as a simple, straightforward, … Continue reading

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The Children of Hurin

Tonight I am proud, happy, and a little sad. Grady and I turned the last page on a novel we’ve been reading together by J.R.R. Tolkien: The Children of Hurin. As novels go, it’s short — 257 pages — but … Continue reading

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