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Beowulf Movie

Last night I finally took Amy to see Stardust, one of my favorite films this year. I’d seen the trailer for the new Beowulf movie before, but for some reason last night I really started thinking about it for the … Continue reading

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A Samson Moment

10681069 Yesterday I was having a Samson moment. Because of some stuff happening in my life right now, I was feeling shorn of power, shorn of favor, and shorn of identity. Like Samson, it was mostly a situation brought on … Continue reading

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This Makes Me Sad

It appears (at least in this debate) that some Christians — and their lawyers — are on the side of “information lockdown” and the current draconian copyright regime, while some Atheists are on the side of freedom and sharing of … Continue reading

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Seminary Financing, Pro-Blogging, and Blogrush

If you noticed the new, alien looking thingy in my sidebar that says “From the Blogosphere” and are wondering what it’s about…so am I. I’m wondering after four years of sporadic (but fulfilling) blogging, where this blog is headed and … Continue reading

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Controversy Brewing

Those who know me well might argue that if I didn’t *really* enjoy stirring up controversy, then I wouldn’t blog about controversial things. And they would be mostly right in that assessment. However, the backlash at the church where I … Continue reading

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Masturbation Church

NOTE: In light of some recent questions and concerns, I feel the need to stress that this post reflects my own personal views and opinions, and does not in any way reflect those of my church or its staff. Though … Continue reading

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Woody Guthrie & Immigration

It’s great to see that Woody’s spirit and songs live on in the raging debate over illegal immigration: NPR Story on Immigrant Folk Songs (thanks, Jeff!) I hope America is listening to the voices of her newest adopted children.

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