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Unfinished Joke

I started telling this joke in 3rd period, but like many of my jokes, it requires at least ten minutes, and the bell rang. So for those of you who asked, here it is in it’s entirety. It was originally … Continue reading

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Sunday Night at Starbucks

So, here I am again late Sunday night at Starbucks. I just finished grading a stack of papers about as tall as the cup of coffee, now empty, sitting beside them. All of my students’ averages are up-to-date, and I … Continue reading

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I succumb to the peer pressure…

OK, OK–I admit it. I was intrigued, so I took the test. Not sure I really agree with their five-question assessment of my personality, though. Hades ?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ?? brought to you by Quizilla

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For the Poetic Few

Since I’ve noticed a few aspiring poets among the bloggers out there, please allow me to introduce to you, a website that publishes poetry that is very different, but also very good. Click, read, and be inspired! You’re welcome.

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New Face

It’s been awhile since we added a new bloggie, but here’s a new face. Make him feel welcome as you have done so often before…

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I’ll make it easy for you…

People! What must I do to get you to document your sources correctly? No, don’t tell me..I know. I’ll make it easy for you: This is how you do it. Pay special attention to online sources.

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To the Stars…

Looks like the curriculum for the 2004-2005 Academic Decathlon Season is finally in. I’m psyched about the Super Quiz topic: Astronomy! Looks like the “America” theme is out the window, and “Classical Empires” (Egypt, Rome, Greece, etc.) are in. Not … Continue reading

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