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Amazing New Technology From Microsoft

This is pretty incredible — I’m impressed with how easy it is to use this voice recognition tool that comes standard with Vista. Maybe someday Linux will catch up… (oh, you have to watch at least two or three minutes … Continue reading

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How the Music Came Back

In high school, I wrote about two or three songs each month, mostly melodramatic love songs and nineties-pop songs . In college, I slowed to about two or three songs a year. After college and for most of the last … Continue reading

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House for Sale!

949951954959968970948953 As excited as we are about Seminary and moving into the “next phase” of our lives, getting our house ready to sell has been less than exciting, and mostly just a lot of work. But we’re almost there. If … Continue reading

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Q1: Ownership

What Does it Mean to “Own” Something? And two tangential questions: Who or what grants ownership? God? Government? Consensus? Strength? Are there things that cannot be owned? Places? People? Thoughts? God? And yes, I fully realize the historical irony of … Continue reading

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A Few Simple Questions

In Open-Source culture, taking someone’s programming code and modifying it to suit one’s own needs and purposes is not considered theft, but rather a compliment of the highest order. To that end, I’m taking a page from the blog of … Continue reading

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