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PresbyMEME 5

I know I’m late to this, and by now all the good, original answers are taken, but I’ve never been a big fan of originality anyhow. I’ve been tagged by Sarah Glass and Carol Howard-Merritt (whose blogs are both phenomenal … Continue reading

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An Endorsement Isn’t Enough, Obama

In the recent Texas primaries, I voted for Hillary Clinton, largely because I believed she would put the most effort and energy into issues facing Latino Americans and immigrants (legal and otherwise). Still, I wouldn’t consider myself “solidly” in the … Continue reading

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He Dreamed About Space

This morning, when my three-year-old son, Grady, came stumbling sleep-eyed into our bedroom, he said something interesting: “Dad, I dreamed about space last night.” How could he have possibly known that while he slept, Arthur C. Clarke, the man who … Continue reading

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Folk Song#6: Man of God

This is the sixth and final song for what I hope will soon become my “Hymns and Heresies” folk album. This other five songs will be arrangements of hymns. Guess that makes this one a “heresy” then… This song centers … Continue reading

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11th Hour in TX and I’m still Undecided

It’s the eleventh hour — literally it’s 11:25pm — and I have no idea who I’m voting for in the primaries tomorrow. Ironically, it’s the first time my vote will actually mean anything here in Bushland. Across the room from … Continue reading

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Sermon Controversy?

I didn’t think my sermon last Sunday was really that controversial (for once). So imagine my surprise when David, one of the elders of our church pulls me aside in the middle of the week to ask me, “Just what … Continue reading

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