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No, Daddy, I am NOT a contrarian!

[6:30am in Austin, Tx. over Thanksgiving holiday] Grady: [crying loudly from his makeshift room] Mommy!!! Daddy!!! Daddy: [stumbling half-awake into Grady’s room] It’s not time to wake up yet, Grady. Grady: Yes, it IS time to wake up! Daddy: Ugggh! … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to “All of Them…”

We no longer have a fireplace. It’s now a stage. Wait for the grand finale…

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To bathe, or not to bathe?

The Sunday school class I teach each week is a curious, entertaining, and often enlightening affair, for me as well as (hopefully) for the seven or eight mostly middle school students who attend it on a regular basis. Long ago, … Continue reading

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In One Paragraph, State Your Hopes and Concerns Regarding the Church and Its Mission.

This is an excerpt from my admissions application to Princeton Seminary: Many Christians despair over the church’s loss of the “favored status” it once occupied in Western culture. Many seem to be engaged in a desperate attempt to turn back … Continue reading

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German Hats

This is my first attempt at a YouTube video: Grady J. Walker and Grady J. Locke at GW’s house in Tulsa, Oklahoma. GL woke up the morning after this video, and promptly informed us, “I like Grady Walker.”

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8 Days, 13 States, and 3,300 miles

It went something like this: Texas–> Arkansas–> Tennessee–> [Visit the Jeff, Ami, & Kiran]–> Virginia–>Maryland–> West Virginia–> Pennsylvania–> New Jersey–> [Visit Princeton Seminary]–> Pennsylvania–> Ohio–> Indiana–> Illinois–> Missouri–> Oklahoma–> [Visit Grady Walker]–> Texas. Whew! There’s something to be said for … Continue reading

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Princeton Seminary

787788786 Coming on the heels of the last post, it probably sounds a bit crazy to say that I’m applying for admission to Seminary, and intend to pursue ordination as a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church. … Continue reading

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