Sermon II — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Mr. Locke, i havent talk to you in a loooong time, how are you and your family? Hows grady, is he getting bigger? I bet he is.. Well just dropped by to say Hi..Well Bye..

  2. MR. LOCKE!….How have you been? Its been a long time since I have spoken to you. I was just browsing through, and thought I would let you know that as much of a bad little freshman I was, I turned out just fine. Thanks to teachers like you.

  3. hey mr.locke…it’s me nancy, i never got to thank you for helping me knowingly or unknowingly, you played a big role…remember the deal with stephen freshmen year, remember the equations you gave me…well i have a best friend named Neri Sandoval, he loves english if not the same more than i do, and he’s competeing(sp/?) for top ten in our senior class, he’s very analytical(sp/?), and not a jerk…we’re waiting and not in a rush, and i want you to know that you played a role all your examples and annoying but truth filled lectures stuck to me, my brother is in regular classes and is passing with a’s and b’s we haven’t seen anything lower, and you played a role…THANKS. i recently got a new blog, check it out. and if there’s anyway i can e-mail you or just catch up please let me know. Thanks again, a life you’ve had an impact on, Nancy Hernandez.

  4. hey locke its great to write to you hope u answer me and all the other people i see have written
    just as nancy u played a big role in my life as well but now that i think about it so many other people too. it must feel great to be that way, to know that u have affected the lives of many just by being yourself just by being the person god wants u to be well hope you read this soon and hope u please answer ill be checking in shortly. tahnx for everything, locke.
    Mely Belly

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