Space Academy (an abandoned novel)

For the first time in several months I was able to make it to my writer’s group tonight, and was thus inspired to dust off an old project.

I began writing Space Academy almost four years ago — taking some of my experiences with high school students and superimposing them on a backdrop of future-high-school-in-space. The idea was far from original, but the characters, treatment, and some of the themes were fresh, and I enjoyed writing it…until I ran into a dead end, deleted a good-sized chunk of it, and never quite got the story back on track.

I’ve posted the prologue and chapter one over at my writing blog. As I re-read it in the next few weeks — and maybe even get some fresh input from those who have not read it — hopefully this little story will find its footing once again.

Of course, if you’re looking for some more “grown-up” sci-fi, check out my short story, Twelve. It’s lengthy, but definitely the completed work of which I am most proud. All my fiction, poetry, and songs are published under Creative Commons license — so feel free to share.

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