2007: An Allegory

What I really want to write about is (duh) more of my ascent into Linux-land. But after two rather gushy posts in a row, and at the risk of losing my few remaining visitors, I’ll refrain. For now.

I’ve just posted a new story over on my fiction blog; It’s called 2007: An Allegory. It’s my first attempt at an allegory, so yes, it’s rather thinly veiled, and no, I’m not completely satisfied with it. It’s also my first attempt at the sci-fi genre known as alternate history, and it’s written from the rare second person point of view. I guess I just wanted to make things really hard for myself.

But those for whom it was written (the youth in my confirmation class) liked it a lot more than I would have expected, so perhaps it has some merit. I’ll let you decide. Just remember that it’s an allegory, so I can change the setting, the characters, the style, the dialogue…but not the plot.

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