8 Days, 13 States, and 3,300 miles

It went something like this: Texas–> Arkansas–> Tennessee–> [Visit the Jeff, Ami, & Kiran]–> Virginia–>Maryland–> West Virginia–> Pennsylvania–> New Jersey–> [Visit Princeton Seminary]–> Pennsylvania–> Ohio–> Indiana–> Illinois–> Missouri–> Oklahoma–> [Visit Grady Walker]–> Texas.

Whew! There’s something to be said for airplanes, after all. If only we could have afforded one.

It’s good to be home, mostly. Even though we drove through plenty of cities where Democrats actually got elected, and returned to one where they all lost (again). Last night as we were pulling into town, we told Grady we were almost home, and he started to cry, “I don’t want to go home.” And thus, a traveler is born…

I’ve uploaded the rest of the pictures from our trip here.

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