All I want for Christmas…

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  1. Mom says:

    Neal, It is my groups’ turn this Sunday to serve at Church Under the Bridge (coffee, breakfast, church service, lunch under I-35 overpass). I have gathered the jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. from the house for distribution for the homeless during CUTB. [We will have an artic blast (freezing rain) this weekend and again on Christmas eve.] My church (and others, I think) have purchased sleeping bags. So each homeless person will receive a new sleeping bag, new socks, and gently used jackets, gloves, hats and sweaters. There is still a request for granola bars and juice packs. Since it is too late for you to be a sleeping bag donor, do you want your Christmas gift to be juice packs and granola bars for treats for the homeless? If so, I will try to purchase them from whichever store that offers to donate some additional ones for the multiplication factor. Stay warm and safe in your Christmas travels. Love you, Mom PS Your youngest brother is in on the homeless gift too. Any suggestions for his party mix can since he doesn’t eat party mix?

  2. Neal Locke says:

    Mom – that would be a wonderful Christmas present — and might very well end up being my favorite one. Thanks for being one of the few who understand and take seriously my “Christmas Consumer Angst.”

    As for Tim and party mix, I’m not sure what you could do for him, but if he doesn’t want his party mix, I call dibs on that!

    Uh-oh. Did my anti-consumerist other-focused Christmas ideals just go down the tube?

  3. Dannah says:

    Have you seen What Would Jesus Buy, about the “Shopocolypse”

    Not my style of Preaching but interesting…

    I like giving some gifts. We should just not spend so much. Santa’s coming to our house but he’s bringing two things for the kids to share.

  4. Mom says:

    Oops. I meant younger brother (Joey), not youngest. Tim has an affinity for party mix, Joey passes. Remember “trading?” I need something different to put in Joey’s coffee can, unless you have something to trade him for his party mix.

  5. Dannah says:

    So I said I wanted to not participate in gift exchanges over a month ago, and I just got a bunch of gifts in the mail. My family ignored my request and now I fell guilty cause I didn’t get any of them presents.

  6. Steve says:

    That is absolutely marvelous! Perfect.

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