An Endorsement Isn’t Enough, Obama

In the recent Texas primaries, I voted for Hillary Clinton, largely because I believed she would put the most effort and energy into issues facing Latino Americans and immigrants (legal and otherwise). Still, I wouldn’t consider myself “solidly” in the Clinton camp, and might even consider voting for McCain — who has also fought for immigrant rights throughout his Senate career — in the general election.

Today, America’s only Hispanic Governor, Bill Richardson, endorsed Barack Obama. Does that make a difference to Latino voters? I don’t know. Does it make a difference to me? Yes — it made me reconsider Obama once more. But let’s get real: endorsements come and go, and involve very little (if any) commitment on the part of the one getting endorsed. So Mr. Obama, you have my attention. Here’s how to translate it into my support, and, should you win the nomination, my vote:

Put Bill Richardson on the ticket as your running-mate. That would be a solid commitment to the Latino community, one I could believe in and get behind. Considering Richardson’s foreign policy credentials, and your lack thereof (no offense, but that is the current general assessment), he’s also given you an extremely valuable endorsement, so now why not return the favor?

Oh, and you might even consider doing it before the convention if you’re serious about winning my support, since tradition is already out the window this election cycle…

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10 Responses to An Endorsement Isn’t Enough, Obama

  1. Joe Locke says:

    I always thought Richardson and Clinton were secretly on team and Edwards and Obama on another. Not just because of policy, but also because the way they interacted in the early debates. As far as McCain goes, I have lost faith in having faith in the earlier career of a politician. It seems that when they change, they change for good… er, or for worse.

    But truthfully aren’t we splitting hairs when we are talking about corporate candidates? If you are going to vote, vote for Nader or Gravel- if you are in a safe state. If you are in a red state or a battle state, vote democrat. They may be corporate, centrist and sold out, but at least they are less likely to undo the progress of the various labor and social movements of the past century.

  2. Dannah says:

    One more time Neal… You’re not Mexican!!!!! 😉

  3. Neal Locke says:

    Dannah, I know you’re just kidding, but that line gets a little annoying, because I do take this so seriously. Maybe I need to lighten up, but I don’t plan on it anytime soon. I’m not Mexican, but I will stand in solemn solidarity with Latinos until the cruelty and injustices of the current immigration system are addressed. Maybe then I’ll be able to look back on this and laugh, but not until then. Sorry.

  4. Dannah says:

    Sorry Neal, I didn’t mean to offend. I just can’t resist sometimes! But- I am just kidding you know. I think it’s admirable that you care so much- even though you’re not Mexican. There is truth to all humor. Mine can be too dry sometimes, but I do try to keep using it because I think pointing out the irony can be useful. And sometimes it’s just too easy!!

  5. Dannah says:

    Another thing is… It makes me feel strange to be nice to people and give them compliments- so I poke fun instead. So if I’m not arguing with you I’m teasing you. I’m working on this. I’m trying to be more sensitive. A year ago I probably would have told you to stop being such a *p*.

  6. Neal Locke says:

    No worries, Dannah –I’m not mad or offended. Part of friendship is learning to let each other know which buttons are okay to push, and which are sensitive. In the end, though, you engage me in conversation on my favorite medium (the blog). No one else in our church bothers to even do that much (although we sure do know they read it, don’t we?) so you’ve got some built in cred, and I’ll always put up with more teasing from you than I would anyone else 😉

    Besides, we’re conference buddies now. Wanna go with me to Journey church this Thursday night to hear Doug Paggit talk about the working poor?

  7. Neal Locke says:

    Oh, and instead of just “talking” about the working poor (or listening to someone else talk), Amy and I are planning to do the Samaritan Inn with you next month.

  8. Dannah says:

    Yeah I’ll go. I like that stuff. I guess I really am a Presbyterian.

  9. Dannah says:

    well I mean Presbymergent. Presbyterian in that I enjoy the geeky factor of it all.

  10. Dannah says:

    Oh, and I do know about Solomon’s Porch & what it is but I didn’t place the name when you said it. So yeah I’m in.

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