The pilot light on our house’s heating unit picked a winner of a time to go out. And stubbornly refuse to be relighted. We had some one from the yellow pages out to look at it last night, but I think he was more interested in selling us a new AC than repairing the old one. In the meantime, it’s sweaters, baby blankets, and space heaters for us.

The new “bloggies” are certainly underway–nine of them at last count. They still need a little bit of guidance and direction from some of you professionals out there. None have learned how to “modify” their blogs yet, and some are still sticking entirely to school related topics. Imagine that…

I’ve been toying with an idea…the next issue of the Bison Bits will be coming out sometime soon–it showcases the writing and art of Sunset students. Blogging is writing. Maybe some of you who have been doing this a long time can go back, find the best blog entry you ever made–some wise or funny or insightful thoughts or reflections on life or just about anything else–print it out, and submit it to the bison bits as a “blog entry.” A new kind of writing. Anyhow, just a thought.

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