Don’t read my blog…

…when you could be reading one of these awesome new blogs instead:

  • Thoughts From the Road — This is my former pastor, Philip Lotspeich, who now works at the Presbyterian Death Star in Louisville, Kentucky. He (obviously) writes often about theology and evangelism, but sometimes digresses into hilarious tangents about getting blamed for bathroom odors you didn’t create.
  • Dannah’s World — Dannah is a friend of mine who is an artist, a mom, and one of the most socially conscious people I know. She also came up with the best explanation I’ve ever heard for the harsh, seemingly out-of-date Biblical prohibition on same-sex relationships in a post called Put Down Your Gaydar!
  • Logomanikos — I met Steve Chastain online through presbymergent, since meeting him in person would be difficult (he lives in the Netherlands). But the more I get to know Steve, the more we find in common, and when I read thoughtful and heartfelt posts like his Recovering Evangelical, I get the sense he’s an up-and-coming blogger well worth adding to your feed reader.

Actually, all three of them are. So if you read this blog (God help you), and have noticed that I haven’t been posting too much lately, it’s my problem, not the blogosphere’s. There’s still plenty of great blogging going on, and great new blogs joining the cacophony. And I promise I’ll find my blog-voice again soon.

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