Folk Song #5: A Simple Song to Help Stop the War

Five down, five to go! (I figure ten songs is barely enough for a first album). I started writing this one last night and finished sometime after midnight, so I guess technically I can say that I wrote it on September 11th. Which is appropriate, considering the subject. Here are some other observations:

  • I wrote, recorded, and published it all within a 24 hour period — which is fast for me, but entirely in keeping with my philosophy of folk music (simple and not overproduced).
  • Someone told me today (after hearing the song) that it’s about 40 years too late. I guess I am a bit of a hippie at heart…
  • Someone else told me (again, after hearing it) that I must have been listening to a lot of David Bailey lately. This is also true.
  • This song is a bit more positive than the past four. The beginning of a trend, possibly? Or a return to youthful idealism? Nah…
  • As with all my songs (and everything I write) this is published under a Creative Commons license. Anyone is free to download it, copy it, share it, re-mix it, re-record it, change it, sell it, mash it…whatever. Music is a gift. Share it.

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7 Responses to Folk Song #5: A Simple Song to Help Stop the War

  1. Dante says:

    To quote the illustrious Eric Cartman, “All the hippies do is smoke pot and do nothing”

    Unless you have taken pot as a hobby, I doubt that is the case. It is one thing to talk and to sing about it, it is another to actually provide that change.

    That said, the Greek epics come to mind as songs of struggle and of inspirational figures. Though I would say that you have some ways to go until you get to the level of Woody Guthery.

  2. Dominic says:

    I listened to song #5 and i do like it. See, i am very bad when it comes to singing and that is why you do not see me sing at church. If i do, i am sure Philip will never preach again and i enjoy his preaching so i have decided not to scare him away. Seriously, i like your songs that i have heard so far and i commend you for that. Keep it up!

  3. Neal Locke says:

    Nazir, if you’re going to reference Woody Guthrie, at least learn to spell his name correctly. And I do believe that songs (or more accurately, people who sing them) can change the world. But if you have a better idea, please go about it. Rather than, in your words, merely talking (or commenting) about it. Maybe we’ll both change the world.

  4. Dante says:

    I did mention the importance of song through reference of the Greek epics. They were songs before they were placed on paper. And they inspired many individuals, even now.

    Sorry if I have offended you but I will stand by the “all hippies do is smoke pot and do nothing” remark.

  5. JohnF says:

    don’t worry, around here all the frat boys smoke pot and all the hippies are too busy organizing to stop the war.

    we’re totally going to play together on the subway platform when you get up here!

  6. Neal Locke says:

    You’re on, John! I can’t wait. And what an awesome (and traditionally historic) venue, too…

  7. Stoner says:

    Hey Dante I’ll follow your music comment lead by saying: yes, your right Pacifism will never stop a war, it will just cause strife on the participants. On the other hand, i am a pot smoker and if you only were, you’d understand why pot smoking doesn’t stop activism, or impede my 5 day a week workout, or a sense of humor, or an ethereal understanding about the universe and all those clogged up stuffy headed emotions your spewing about.

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