Folk Song #5: A Simple Song to Help Stop the War

Five down, five to go! (I figure ten songs is barely enough for a first album). I started writing this one last night and finished sometime after midnight, so I guess technically I can say that I wrote it on September 11th. Which is appropriate, considering the subject. Here are some other observations:

  • I wrote, recorded, and published it all within a 24 hour period — which is fast for me, but entirely in keeping with my philosophy of folk music (simple and not overproduced).
  • Someone told me today (after hearing the song) that it’s about 40 years too late. I guess I am a bit of a hippie at heart…
  • Someone else told me (again, after hearing it) that I must have been listening to a lot of David Bailey lately. This is also true.
  • This song is a bit more positive than the past four. The beginning of a trend, possibly? Or a return to youthful idealism? Nah…
  • As with all my songs (and everything I write) this is published under a Creative Commons license. Anyone is free to download it, copy it, share it, re-mix it, re-record it, change it, sell it, mash it…whatever. Music is a gift. Share it.

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