Folk Song#6: Man of God

This is the sixth and final song for what I hope will soon become my “Hymns and Heresies” folk album. This other five songs will be arrangements of hymns. Guess that makes this one a “heresy” then…

This song centers around a man who has been a mentor, pastor, friend, and inspiration to me for most of the past decade: Philip Lotspeich. It’s a true story (but aren’t all folk songs?) about some of the crazy things he put his neck on the line for as both a minister and as someone just trying to live up to the radical, counter-intuitive, and often dangerous example set by that Jesus guy we talk so much about.

I think the song lives up to my emerging philosophy of folk music, especially principle #4. As with all my songs (and everything I write) this is published under a Creative Commons license. Anyone is free to download it, copy it, share it, re-mix it, re-record it, change it, sell it, mash it…whatever. Music is a gift. Share it. But most of all, enjoy it.

You can also find it (and my other songs) in these places:

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4 Responses to Folk Song#6: Man of God

  1. Joe Locke says:

    Awesome! Love it bro. I am pretty sure its your most passionate song yet.

  2. Neal,

    Love your Dylanesque undertone!

    Have you thought about writing worship songs? I am in search of commercial-free songs of worship written under Creative Commons license.

    I’ll be checking back once in a while …

    Thanks for sharing your music with the world,

  3. Linda Lotspeich says:

    Love the heresies – when will the hymns be available?? 🙂

  4. Neal Locke says:

    @Linda: workin’ on it this month. “Come Thou Fount” is almost done, and will probably be the first out. I hope to have the “album” done before I leave as a “parting gift” to Faithbridge, which got me writing songs again in the first place.

    @ccWorshipArchive: I checked out your site — awesome idea! (And very much needed in Christian music). Count me in for any help you need getting things going. I do have several worship songs that I’m in the process of recording; most are hymns that I’ve added a praise chorus to (looks like pretty much all the songs you’ve got so far are in that boat, too). I also have at least two other “straight up” Christian worship songs (non-hymns) that I’ll get out soon. All of my songs are CC licensed, and hopefully useful to anyone who finds them so. Thanks for organizing this!

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