Hold thy desperate hand–Art thou a man?

Ok, my two and a half remaining readers have been bugging me, so here’s the news: I got the part of Friar Laurence, and have been very busy with rehearsals (every weeknight from 7 to 9). Fortunately, I’ve had about five years to memorize the lines, and am doing quite well in that regard. Blocking (staging) is another story, but who cares…I’m enjoying myself thoroughly.

Come see me! Performances run from April 14th to May 7th, usually Friday and Saturday nights. Click here for a more detailed schedule and/or to buy tickets. Click here for a map to the theatre.

In other news, Grady is talking up a storm (we’re into complete sentences already) and has composed his very first “knock-knock” joke. It goes something like this:

GRADY: Knock, knock

DADDY: Who’s there?

GRADY: Knock, knock

DADDY: Who’s there?

GRADY: Knock, knock

DADY: Who’s there?

GRADY: Joe Joe.

[everyone laughs]

Joe Joe is what Grady calls his uncle Joey (my youngest brother) who is currently Grady’s hero and idol. At various times out of the blue, Grady has inquired whether Joe Joe:
-wears a belt?
-plays guitar?
-is in the airplane that happens to be flying overhead at the moment…

In OTHER other news, I preached my third sermon in church a couple of weeks ago. I’ll try to post it sometime soon. I might even try to post it in audio format.

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7 Responses to Hold thy desperate hand–Art thou a man?

  1. Wow I wish I could see your performance like I wish you could of seen my folklorico performance this past weekend. I do have a video. So Grady can make complete sentences now. He is developing as a normal child or at least that what they teach me in psychology. You should try teaching him Spanish. He needs to learn it before the age of seven so that he can dominate the language. At least thats what they say in psychology. It would be interesting to hear one of your sermons. I found the churches you recommended. at least one of them is only a few subway stops away. I will try to go this Sunday. I do have Bible studies every week but I really want to go to church. I actually work for the University Chaplain but I don’t feel comfortable going to the church here because its…its…i don’t know how to explain it. Well thanks for everything. Say hello to Amy and to Grady for me.

  2. Willer says:

    Sorry Man,
    Can’t make it. Exams and the 6 hour drive and all. I’ll be rootin’ from afar for ya.

  3. Mely World!! says:

    Hey Locke!!
    this is your 1/2 a reader remainding. You must be so proud of Grady, I know he isyour pride and joy. I remember the days before he was born. You were a mess. Socarzy and all over the place. Even though you didn’t show it, you could tell from looking at you. I almost wanted it to happen already so you wouldn’t be so anxious. The day you came back to school, after his birth, you were so happy. so, do you still read to him everynight, like you promised? hope you have. you are a very dedicated dad and person overall. Grady is lucky to have you.
    Hope you read this soon, and hope you like it. Good luck on your performances. I’ll look up some dates to go see one. Miss ya, Mely Belly. cIaO!

  4. Isaac M says:

    Hi Mr. Locke
    it’s been a loong time since I commented on your blog. I like the changes to your site.

  5. me of course says:

    Hi Mr. Locke,
    I’m glad life’s going well. I wish your postings would become a little more regular, I enjoyed reading them until they stopped. How about 1 post every 2 weeks? If you agree, I’ll go in on it too.

    By the way, I’m glad Grady’s doing well. I auditioned for a play here but I didn’t get a part, it was the Importance of Being Ernest… hehehe

  6. Anabel says:

    ok…yeah congratulations on getting the part! i haven’t really commented on here because my regular computer can’t handle your page…lol im just kidding. It really just doesn’t work. 🙁 i feel bad for myself. well i hope your performance goes well!

  7. lucia says:

    peaches said hi!!!!!!
    ana r said hi…..
    i say hi…….
    ana wants to know how your baby is……..

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