Hold thy desperate hand–Art thou a man?

Ok, my two and a half remaining readers have been bugging me, so here’s the news: I got the part of Friar Laurence, and have been very busy with rehearsals (every weeknight from 7 to 9). Fortunately, I’ve had about five years to memorize the lines, and am doing quite well in that regard. Blocking (staging) is another story, but who cares…I’m enjoying myself thoroughly.

Come see me! Performances run from April 14th to May 7th, usually Friday and Saturday nights. Click here for a more detailed schedule and/or to buy tickets. Click here for a map to the theatre.

In other news, Grady is talking up a storm (we’re into complete sentences already) and has composed his very first “knock-knock” joke. It goes something like this:

GRADY: Knock, knock

DADDY: Who’s there?

GRADY: Knock, knock

DADDY: Who’s there?

GRADY: Knock, knock

DADY: Who’s there?

GRADY: Joe Joe.

[everyone laughs]

Joe Joe is what Grady calls his uncle Joey (my youngest brother) who is currently Grady’s hero and idol. At various times out of the blue, Grady has inquired whether Joe Joe:
-wears a belt?
-plays guitar?
-is in the airplane that happens to be flying overhead at the moment…

In OTHER other news, I preached my third sermon in church a couple of weeks ago. I’ll try to post it sometime soon. I might even try to post it in audio format.

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