It’s Official!

pts logoTwo weeks ago, I received another acceptance letter from Princeton Theological Seminary — this one to the dual degree program. That (and a few conversations with PTS professors, administrators, and students) was the deciding factor. A few minutes ago I put my confirmation letter and housing deposit in the mail.

On the housing side, I finally managed to convince Amy (who wasn’t impressed by the lack of washer/dryer hookups in the family housing) by voluntarily enslaving myself as the Locke family laundry-boy for the next four years.

Although I essentially went with what had been my first choice all along, it was still a more difficult decision than I anticipated, which speaks well of Presbyterian seminaries, Columbia and Austin in particular. I trust, however, that PTS is the right place for me and for our family as we move forward in this next big adventure.

Not too fast, though. I also applied for (and was granted) a one-year deferment. This gives Amy time to complete her commitment as a Deacon for our church, and gives me a little bit more time with the youth at Faithbridge before we go. And hopefully it won’t take us a full year to sell our house, but one never knows… Anybody looking for a nice 3 bedroom / 2 bath in Frisco, Texas?

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