Living inside the Box

Here’s the not-so-interesting but obligatory update on our living status. We put our house on the market, and it sold in about three days. Not for as much as we’d hoped, but is it ever? At least we got it over with.

That put us in a rush to find an apartment we could move into before closing. Thanks to lots of help from friends, we got completely moved in one very exhausting weekend. Now we are up to our ears in boxes, and adjusting to living in what amounts to a 926 square foot box itself.

I’m not complaining. The first day we were in the apartment, I opened the screen door to the patio and it fell off. My first thought was “@!#$!#” and my second thought was, “Wait a minute… This is not my problem!” Nice. Called the maintenance people and they were out to fix it the next day. Basically, they picked it up and put it back on the little track. My first thought: “@#$%$#@…I could have done that.” My next thought: “Wait a minute…someone did a completely trivial repair I could have done myself…and didn’t charge me $100 for the privilege of coming out and making me feel stupid!” Nice. There are definitely advantages to apartment living.

Anyhow, if you need our new address, just email me or call. We’ll be here for exactly one year, and then off to New Jersey for another four or five years of box-life. What a great opportunity to get rid of unnecessary junk…

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