Long Stretch to the Finish

It’s Monday night. School’s tomorrow. Easter break is over. Spring break is a fading memory, and now it’s a long hard push to summer. I bet you thought students were the only ones to think that way…

In other news, Grady is learning to crawl–look out world (and all other objects he thinks he can fit in his mouth). His favorite new trick is removing Daddy’s hat. And putting it in his mouth.

UIL competition is this Saturday, and I have a suspicion it will be a rather anticlimactic day, but I’ll still hold out a glimmer of hope for some last minute inspiration. Go Extemporaneous Speakers! Go Lincoln-Douglas Debaters! Go Number Sensians and Spellers! Go Headline Writers and Calculator Applicators! Ok, that’s enough enthusiasm for now.

I’ll end this rather random posting with a rumour: The Anglo-Saxons are coming! Shhhhh….

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