Long Weekend

Confession: I slept all day today, and am just now getting up this evening. And in a few hours, I’ll be going back to bed. With good reason of course–my head is throbbing and overstuffed with gunk, my voice is non-existent (except for an occasional coughing fit). And I’m determined to be at school tomorrow. Since I was out Friday for Academic Decathlon, I refuse to allow my wonderful students the luxury of a substitute two school days in a row!

Regional competition has come and gone, and another Acadec season is over–that is, assuming we didn’t make it to state. We’ll find out tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath. Mostly because my breath is valuable to me at the moment, and somewhat difficult to come by. I shouldn’t complain, though–we had a few decathletes in the same condition as I, but they had to deliver speeches.

All in all, we did pretty well with the speeches and interviews: several 900’s this year. Unfortunately, none medalled. It’s always hard to walk away from competition without any medals, but at least we had the gratification of beating Townview TAG for a fourth straight competition in a row. Guess they aren’t as “talented and gifted” as they like to advertise.

Hmmm…getting sleepy. Again. Must finish blogging, grade a few papers, and then…lights out.

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