New Home, New Beginning


(NOTE: for more pictures from our journey to and arrival at Princeton, click here)

We arrived in Princeton today at around 11:00am, found the Seminary Housing Office, and got our keys to our new apartment without much difficulty.  Now, making a left turn anywhere in New Jersey?  That’s difficult.  Our stuff doesn’t arrive until Monday, so mostly we’re camping out in our new apartment, imagining what will go where.  We’ve met several people today, and everyone has been more than friendly, offering help at every turn.  It almost seems too idyllic of a place right now.  Of course, that’s because I don’t start intensive summer Greek for another week or so.

There’s a playground in the middle of the apartment community, so Grady and I made the pilgrimage to test it out, and both of us instantly made friends — kids and fathers, respectively.  I met a guy from Texas named Tyson Taylor — he’s a proud Texan (from Amarillo) who drives a truck and has a son named Cale…and totally reminds me of my friend Trait Thompson (who also has a son named Cale)!  Tyson and another guy I met — Thomas — will both be in my summer Greek class, so perhaps there’s a study group in the making…

Dinner tonight was frozen pizza and salad on the floor.  Tomorrow, my sister Emily will drive up for a visit, and then Sunday the Locke family will hop on a train to NYC to visit the Feighery family for the day, and watch a free concert in the park (we’re excited!).

When we pulled up to the apartment, before we even went in, I looked at this strange new place and told Amy, “In another four or five years, this will be the home and friends that we’ll be reluctantly leaving behind for new adventures.”  I’m not sure she was ready to think that far ahead, but anyhow, here we are.  The adventure begins!

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