Pastoral Ministry in a Border Community: A Series

Although I grew up in El Paso and Mexico was (quite literally) a stone’s throw from my house, I never really connected much with Mexican culture or the issues (like immigration) that are an inherent part of living and working in a border community.  So for my internship this summer at 1st Presbyterian Church in El Paso, Texas, I have intentionally set aside one day a week to work for Pasos De Fe, the which is a part of the larger Presbyterian Border Ministry.

For the past two months, under the guidance of Rev. Amy Robinson, the U.S. Director for Pasos De Fe, I have participated in a ride-along with a US Border Patrol agent, met with an immigration attorney for an “Immigration Law 101” briefing, read some excellent books, crossed the border several times into Juarez, Mexico, participated in the opening of a community center, and visited many culturally relevant places (museums, markets, churches, etc.) on both sides of the border, interacting with people and worshiping communities along the way.

And I’m far from finished with any of these things yet.  But my illustrious supervisor has asked me to write some reflections in light of my experiences about pastoral ministry in a border community.  So, the next three posts, over the next three days, will explore three border/immigration related topics, each one in connection with a biblical narrative:

  1. Who is My Neighbor? (Luke 10:25-37)
  2. The Law and the Lions’ Den (Daniel 3 & 6)
  3. Amnesty for Adam (Genesis, Exodus, Psalm 103, Matthew-John, & Romans)

Hope you enjoy them, and perhaps learn something in the process.  I did.

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