RSS and Website Woes

I’ve been having serious website issues in the past two weeks, and I noticed my feed subscriptions via feedburner dropped by about 30%.  While I could be cynical and attribute it to my last post about John McCain, I suspect it actually has more to do with what looks like a broken rss feed.

So if you subscribe to this in a feedreader, or if you get it via email — could you do me a really huge favor and drop me a quick email/comment/tweet/message to let me know that the feed is still coming through? I promise this isn’t a desperate gimmick to get coveted blog feedback (although it does sound like something I’d do, huh?).  I just want to know if the interweb tubes are still flowing.

Oh, one more thing.  To speed things up with my hosting service, I had to enable caching for my blog — anyone know how to do a complete, cache-clearing reload/refresh of a page in Firefox?  I can’t seem to get it to work, and I’ve tried CTRL+R, as well as the refresh button.

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