Sleepy Mommy, Sleepy Daddy

We’ve learned a few things about our little son in the few days since he’s taken over our home… Like, for example, his habit of falling asleep as soon as he starts to nurse, which means he doesn’t get much eating done, which means he wakes up cranky, which means we feed him, and instantly he falls asleep, without getting much eating done.

He also only sleeps in one place: Someone’s arms. Pick him up, he falls asleep. Put him down, he’s awake almost instantly, at which point he registers his objection to his new location. And let me tell you–this kid has an incredible pair of lungs when he wants to be heard.

I also got my first “fountain” while changing him today. The kid peed clear up to my shoulder and even doused the wall behind him, not to mention his clothes, my clothes, his changing pad, and the clean diaper I had waiting for him.

So, the three of us (and Grandma Gayle makes four) grab some sleep here and there where we can. From what I understand, it’s just the way things work at this stage. A friend had the nerve to tell me today that “this is the easiest part.” I’m so glad, because less sleep and more of a challenge sounds sooooo refreshing to me right now! (sarcasm intentional)

Good thing he’s so darned cute. It’s nature’s way of saying “hang in there.”

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