Sons, Sailboats & Stories

I seem to be in this alternating pattern of posting assignments for my freshmen and pictures of Grady. One might speculate that these two occupations take up most of my waking (and some non-waking) hours these days. Speculation correct.

What I wouldn’t give for an afternoon away from it all, sailing in my forgotten boat. Of course, the immediately following thought is, “I can’t wait until Grady is old enough to come sailing with me.” By then he should be old enough to mow the grass that has lately grown tall around my poor, neglected sailboat.

Amy and I took “little-boy-blue” on his first trip to the library today. He slept through most of it, though. I guess that’s better than crying through it at the top of his lungs, which is what he did as soon as we got home and pretty much for the remainder of the afternoon. One thing that always seems to calm him down–I sing U2’s “With or Without” you to him, accompanied by the keyboard & drum track I recorded for last year’s talent show. Looks like the kid already has good taste in music…

In other news, my thoughts have been turning homeward to thoughts of writing again. I need to revise my short story, Twelve, a bit more before submitting it for publication. And that “Great American Novel” all writers dream of has been dangling inspiration in front of me at various times during the past week or two. No, it’s not the Space Academy one (which I will resume next spring, I promise) but a deeper, bigger one, far out in the distance of my writerly future. The themes are developping in my mind, as well as the various settings. Epic in scope. Guess we’ll all have to wait another twenty years or so to read it, though.

I’m going to attempt once more to break free from the enslaving chains of Microsoft this weekend. Linux, here I come! If you don’t hear from me for a month or two, it didn’t work…

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