Sorry Mrs. Grimes, I’m Taking Them All Back…

After careful consideration, and almost one week of observing several of next year’s freshmen at Project Pass, I have come to a decision. I have decided to keep the class of 2007. You will all have to take English I again next year, and Mrs. Grimes can wait.

I know that you will (as all freshmen do) turn into evil sophomores with attitude. But at least I already know and like you. Besides, it appears the freshman class already has a sizeable attitude. Not a good one. In fact, I’m growing less and less impressed with each PASSing day of the PROJECT.

My great hope for next year is that this year’s Project Pass class is not representative of the whole class of 2008. Or that a few punks in the crowd are somehow mind-controlling the rest, and the spell will be broken by August.

I love freshmen. I love their energy. I love their innocence. Their creativity. But I’m NOT impressed by:
1. Rude comments directed at each other.
2. Rude comments directed at me.
3. Thuggishness. Gang Glorification. Red. Blue.
4. How much you’ve “partied” at age 14.
5. What a “pimp” you are at age 14.
6. How many boyfriends you’ve had at age 14.
7. How “cool” you THINK you are, as demonstrated by any of the following: apathy, cruelty, purposeful ignorance, or laziness.

I AM impressed by:
1. Manners
2. Virtue
3. Optimism
4. Virtue
5. Intellect
6. Virtue
7. Friendliness

OK, class of 2008. I’m waiting. SOMEBODY–Please impress me!

If not, just stay at your middle school, where perhaps you learned your current disposition. I’ll just keep the last batch…

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