To the Stars…

Looks like the curriculum for the 2004-2005 Academic Decathlon Season is finally in. I’m psyched about the Super Quiz topic: Astronomy! Looks like the “America” theme is out the window, and “Classical Empires” (Egypt, Rome, Greece, etc.) are in. Not sure how much mileage we’ll get out out of classical music, but it could have been worse. If you’re reading this and you are either 1) a returning decathlete, or 2) a potential decathlete, then here is my unsolicited advice: Start with an Encyclopedia and instantly teach yourself evertying you can about Astronomy, Egyptian/Greek/Roman History & Art, and Classical Music (primarily Mozart & Haydn). REMEMBER: Those who hit the ground running usually stay ahead of the pack. That goes for you as an individual competitor, as well as for Sunset as a team. We’ll get UIL out of the way with next weekend, and then we are officially back in business!

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