Tried To Leave Texas But Didn’t Quite Make It

Today was day one of our one-way trip to a new life in New Jersey. The plan was to leave Frisco bright and early this morning, but as I explained numerous times today (in answer to the inevitable “You’re still here???”) for the Locke family, “bright and early” means any time before the sun sets.

So after trips to the church, the bank, the post-office, Chic-Filet, Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, Sonic, church (again), Petsmart, and finally Carmax (where I paid 1.5K for the privilege of selling my beloved but upside-down Chevy Cobalt), we finally left town at about 5:30pm.

We made it as far as Texarkana, where I write (with my deft thumbs on my cell phone) from a LaQuinta hotel room, the kids sound asleep and Amy not too far behind.

Tomorrow I attempt something no one has ever dared before: removing my passionately Texan wife from her country. It may take my in-laws awhile to forgive me, although I’ve heard that while you can take the girl out of Texas, you can’t take Texas out of the girl.

Nevertheless, we are *finally* on the road. We even got our new address today, so if you want it, drop me a comment, and I’ll email it to you. More adventures still to come…

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