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Two Songs Rescued from Obscurity

I finally managed to convert a couple old songs of mine from cassette tape to MP3. It wasn’t easy, and the quality isn’t as perfect as I’d like, but they still came out quite nicely. I wrote and recorded both … Continue reading

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I’m a Promiscuous Church Member

At this summer’s PC(USA) General Assembly, I was frequently asked the question “What church do you belong to?” This question always gave me some pause, and I’m not sure I ever figured out the best way to answer, other than … Continue reading

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Midway Through Hebrew and Other Midsummer, Mid-Life Stuff

It occurs to me that a general status update post (or any post for that matter) is long overdue.  When I started writing this one, I actually *was* midway through Hebrew.  Now with only two weeks left in the class, … Continue reading

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New Haircut

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Vow of Silence

The day I was born (according to my mother) one of the doctors listened to my loud cries and quipped, “That kid’s ALL mouth!” And somehow that characterization has followed me ever since. I have an old cassette tape recording … Continue reading

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1st Week in Jersey: Recap

118611851181 Well, we’ve survived a week here in Princeton, and it hasn’t even seemed that difficult (yet).  Of course, Summer Greek hasn’t started yet, tuition bills and grocery bills and other bills haven’t found their way to our new address … Continue reading

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Naked Brutal Honesty

You may remember me ranting about a psychological evaluation I had to undergo a few weeks ago, as part of my journey to become an ordained Presbyterian minister. I still think the pre-meeting questions were insanely long and inquisition-like, but … Continue reading

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