$300 Websites – Now Open for Business!

Ok, so I don’t usually hawk products or services on my blog, just ideologies. BUT…

I get asked on a fairly regular basis if I do webdesign or webconsulting, and I do–I just haven’t been very organized or “systematic” about it up to this point. I’ve worked for pay, for free, for large organizations, for smaller ones…and usually just make up the rules as I go. (You can see some of the results to the right). But I’ve always been a little uncomfortable with charging an hourly rate for a project that isn’t clearly defined, or worried that I’m charging too much (or too little) money for the type of services I’m providing, or the types of people I’m providing them to. Plus, now that I’m back in school, a regular secondary stream of income would be nice, so I decided I needed to get organized. The result?

300 Dollar Websites. A flat rate for some very specific (and appropriately limited) services that I enjoy doing — I’m especially hoping to help small organizations or individuals who currently have little or no web presence, and I’m pretty good at working patiently with people who are not too technically inclined.



Youth Church & Culture Podcast

Faithbridge Presbyterian Church

Of course, that probably doesn’t apply to most people reading this blog — but you can still help me by passing on the word to anyone you know who might be looking for some inexpensive, simple and straightforward web work. More information can be found on the $300 Websites tab at the top of my blog. Thanks in advance for anyone you send my way!

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